Analysis and Commentary on Law and Religion

Educating About Law and Religion

Robin Miller Radner is a lawyer, lecturer, PhD student and independent educator who provides in-depth analysis and commentary on the impact of religion on a range of policy areas including healthcare, education, social welfare programs, science, technology, and the environment. 


Ours has always been a religiously and philosophically diverse society. The founding generation recognized that maintaining the integrity of government while protecting the rights of believers and non-believers alike would be critical to the nation’s survival.


In the 21st Century it is crucial that we understand how stable, democratic governance, religious diversity and freedom of conscience are threatened by efforts to undermine the separation of religion and state. With her expertise in both Constitutional Law and Religion, Robin offers analysis and insights that can help foster more informed and productive dialogues on challenging subjects. 


Robin lectures to diverse audiences in a variety of settings and works with groups to tailor her classes and presentations to fit their educational needs. She also blogs about law and religion at The Law and Religion Project , is planning to launch a podcast in 2020, and is writing a book about the history of separation of religion and state.